Scholarship Implementation Measure for BLCC's Prospective Students

To promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and encourage overseas students to study in BLCC, BLCC establishes the scholarship for prospective students.

1. Scholarship category, application conditions, amount and time limit
This scholarship is for students applying for long-term courses of BLCC. The scholarship is divided into three levels by reducing students' tuition (the present tuition of BLCC is ¥9,600/semester) accordingly. Level one: exempt from tuition of one semester; Level two: exempt from 1/2 of one semester's tuition; Level three: exempt from 1/3 of one semester's tuition. The scholarship is available only for the first semester.

2. Application process
a. The applicant sends the application materials to the admissions office of BLCC (email: 30 days before the start of each semester.
b. The admissions office reviews all the materials.
c. The admissions office releases name list of applicants winning the scholarship and notify them by email.

3. Required application materials
a. Scholarship Application From for Prospective Students of BLCC (including personal assessment);
b. scanning of the highest degree certificate and academic records;
c. passport scanning;
d. teacher’s recommendation letter;
e. other related materials;
f. The application materials submitted will not be returned whether the scholarship is approved or not.

4. Notes
a. Students already receiving funding from any government or organization have no qualification to apply for this scholarship.
b. Application materials should be complete. Otherwise, it will be considered that the applicant gives up the right to get the scholarship.
c. Applicants should have required and valid health report and visa. Otherwise, it will be considered that they give up the right to get the scholarship.
d. Students winning the scholarship should notify BLCC before the enrollment time with a written notice explaining the reasons if they fail to enroll. Otherwise, the award would be revoked and the students cannot apply for the scholarship again.
e. The award would be revoked if the recipient is expelled from the school for violation of Chinese laws or school rules.

This measure will be implemented when it is promulgated, explained by the Admissions Office of BLCC.

1. Scholarship Application From for Prospective Students of BLCC
2. Sample of teacher's recommendation letter

Admissions Office
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June 1, 2015


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